11 Solutions For Removing Hair Naturally With Ordinary Kitchen Ingredients

March 17, 2022 • By Patricia Johnson
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Removing Hair Naturally

Body hair removal is a very tedious, but still obligation and routine for most  of people, especially for those with excessive hair growth. As much as it is a boring routine, the pleasure and self-confidence that freshly waxed legs, arms, face, and other regions give you is motivation and а reason to do it on regular basis.  . Are you one of those people who at least once a month has problems finding the best way to remove body hair as painlessly as possible, without irritation, and from the root? Probably, you are familiar with all the most innovative ways of waxing, depilation, shaving, and laser treatments for that purpose, but you still do not know what to choose - that is not all! Below you are given amazing 100% natural recipes at your disposal to remove body hair naturally, out of which some are more favorable for the face, others have proven to be more suitable and effective for the legs and arms, the third is a gentle, but effective peeling for the armpit region, while the fourth one promises you slow growth of body hair, even remove body hair permanently Let’s start!

How To Remove Facial Hair At Home

On any part of the body, hairs can be hidden, one way or another. You may wear leggings to hide your messy legs, you may wear a long blouse if you forgot to shave your armpits or forearms, but you just can't put a rag on your face to hide your facial hair. Facial hair is such a big problem for women, that believe it or not, they would really put something on the face because of the discomfort that facial hairs give. That is, no matter how much you remove the hair, it grows uncontrollably, or even when your facial hair is pulled out the pores become very open and the skin has a darker pigment.

The unpleasantness of women who are dealing with facial hair is enormous. That is why it is said that the one embarrassed because of the physical imperfections would try everything to eliminate a problem, in this case, the facial hairs specifically. Read below some ideas for effective and natural remedies for removing hair and natural hair removal remedies at home, by yourself. The recipes for natural remedies for removal of facial hair natural hair removal for the face include lemon, honey, egg,  corn flour, etc.

A blend of lemon and honey

Lemon and honey are a must in our kitchens, and despite the options to use them as seasonings in dishes, salads, sauces, and even for the routine of drinking hot tea, the blend can be absolutely used as a hair removal mask that stands side by side with professional products in beauty salons. In short, the proportion for the preparation of this blend is as follows:

  • four tablespoons of honey with two tablespoons of lemon juice to be applied to the desired facial region with a cotton pad. The blend should sit on the face for at least 10 minutes and should be rinsed with warm water. For effective results, practice this relaxing routine twice a week.
  • A peeling blend of corn flourand eggs

Stir the three ingredients until you get a literally thick peeling blend for the face that will remove facial hair in the desired places. Apply the peeling blend and let it dry for 15 minutes on the face. Finally, just peel and wash with lukewarm water and stay in front of a mirror to admire the smoothness of your face. You can use this mask 2-3 times a week.

Removing Leg Hair At Home

There isn’t anything more attractive than tidy, epilated legs, in spring or summer.  It is not only a routine of the female body, but it is also a priority when beauty is at stake. Relax, and even when you forget to book an appointment at your salon, remember that you can always go to your kitchen without making an appointment. Simply be your own master of smooth and silky legs with the help of homemade blends such as sugar, lemon, white pepper, camphor, lentils, potato juice, water, etc.

Sugar Wax Recipe

There isn’t anyone who has not heard of sugar wax. Women have embraced this method of hair removal more or less. For some it is the only way to sort out the regions, but generally there isn’t anyone who has not tried homemade wax  or sugar wax. But what does make homemade sugar wax healthier than the wax used in cosmetic salons? The homemade has lower impact  on the skin  because it sticks only to the hairs.. The cosmetic wax will likely irritate your skin seriously. And if you make a mistake with the recipe, then you have not reached so far with this article in vain. Make sugar wax for hair removal once again by yourself and never be more adept at it:

  • Mix one cup of granulated sugar with half a spoon of lemon and two spoons of water in a small saucepan,
  • Cook over low heat until the blend forms a solid ball,
  • Put the blend aside until it gets safe to handle,
  • Apply a thin layer of sugar wax on the legs (or forearms) in the direction of hairs growth and put a strip of fabric on it,
  • Wait a few moments before stretching the strap upwards as you tighten your skin with your other hand.
  • Rinse off excess sugar wax with lukewarm water.

White pepper and camphor paste

Camphor and white pepper in combination are not recommended for use / hair removal for any region except the legs, as the combination itself is irritating. To prepare the paste for leg hair removal, you need two tablespoons of camphor powder (previously ground) mixed with two teaspoons of white pepper and oil, e.g., olive oil in order to form a paste. Apply it on the feet and let it dry, for about 15 minutes at most, before washing it with warm water. Be careful, let it sit no more than 15 minutes, and if you notice immediate irritation, wash the applied paste immediately from the legs. In case you do not have irritation for the period of 15 minutes, use this paste continuously for 1-2 months to notice the difference. Not only will it remove unwanted hair, but it also has healing properties for various skin issues due to its antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Lentil and potato paste

This is a weird recipe for hair removal, however, make yourself sure. Leave one cup of lentils to sit in a bowl of water overnight. The next day, blend the lentils in a blender, then add potato juice of one whole potato (it can be squeezed in a juicer, or you can extract the liquid from the grated potatoes through gauze), add a tablespoon of lemon juice and honey to this paste. Apply the mixed ingredients on your legs (maybe the forearms as well as the face) and keep them for about 20 minutes, then peel the paste. Potatoes do not contain acids, but they contribute to the whitening of the hairs, and their removal property is due to the lentils. This paste does not have any side effects on your skin and therefore is suitable for more sensitive areas.

Pumice stone for hair removal

You can’t go more natural and simpler than this! With the help of this natural, volcanic stone, you will not only give a great peeling to your legs and forearms, but you will also remove the hairs in a way that the hairs get attached to the pores of the stone with pleasant circular strokes. Afterward, this method requires a good moisturizing massage with body lotion after the not so rough treatment. Believe me, your feet will speak for themselves this way. It is not recommended to use it on the delicate parts of the body because the stone itself is rough and your skin can quickly get irritated if you use it on the armpits, face or intimate parts of the body.

Removing underarm hair at home

When it comes to underarm hair removal, the most painful start is the waxing process. The skin is extremely sensitive there because lots of glands are located in that area. So, think twice when you consider waxing on that part unless you want to do it with laser or some other less rigorous treatments. You can always do underarm hair removal at home, painlessly, practically and naturally, which is most important for this region.

Baking soda paste

There is no place in this world where baking soda does not take its place. It is a bottomless well. Its use is simply so versatile and easy to apply. Hair removal with baking soda is a piece of cake. Put baking soda in a bowl and add as much water as you need to get a thick mixture and simply make an underarm peeling, but why not on other parts of the body as well as the intimate ones. Baking soda paste will become  the natural hair removal cream for private parts that you will use most often.

Chickpea flour peeling

Chickpea flour peeling was the method of our grandmothers and mothers back in the primitive past when beauty salons did not exist at all. Mix half a cup of chickpea flour with lavender or olive oil. Finally, add curd to this mixture and apply underarm by doing it on one armpit and then on the other. Or, consider taking your best friend as a personal assistant to apply the peeling as you lie down with your arms raised to give a chance for this cream to dry. Finally, massage the armpits with water until the peeling is removed. The benefit of the application of chickpea flour is indisputable, i.e., it is the best natural peeling for removing impurities and unwanted hair.

Oatmeal and banana peeling

Imagine! You did more banana oatmeal than you can actually eat. With the rest, you can remove unwanted underarm hairs, believe it or not! This combination of oats and bananas is a peeling, but a mild one and therefore feel free to use it in this area. Banana will affect your skin positively as it acts as a skin nourishing softener. Mix banana and oatmeal paste and apply it on the armpits by massaging in the opposite direction of your hair growth, then leave on for about 20 minutes. Finally, just rinse off with water and pat dry.

Home Remedies That Remove Hair And Reduce Hair Growth

Considering the above-mentioned methods for hair removal, it can be said that in addition to the painful and expensive waxing at the salons, a natural way of doing it with natural ingredients does exist. But if you thought that's all, we strongly argue that even a laser that reduces hair growth to permanent removal can be replaced with a homemade treatment. Keep reading about hair removal home remedies that reduce hair growth with simple ingredients like turmeric paste and milk, and papaya.

  • Turmeric and milk paste

Turmeric paste and milk for body hair removal, as well as the reduction of hair growth, is not a conclusion obtained from recent research, but a well-transmitted, centuries-old practice among Indian women. The simplest of all possible combinations of recipes with this season, for this purpose, is turmeric paste. Namely, three teaspoons of turmeric and one teaspoon of milk need to be well blended. Once the thick paste is made, apply it to the desired place and leave it to act for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes remove the mixture with water, a cloth and circular motions. The turmeric in this paste has the property of soft glue that helps the hairs to stick to it and be easily removed. With regular weekly use, you will notice the slower pace of your body hair growth.

  • Papaya paste

Papaya paste is somewhat different from all the above home treatments.  Different than all other remedies, with regular use the papaya will permanently remove your natural hair.  Papain, the enzyme in this fruit, weakens hair follicles and inhibits their growth over time. You will be amazed by this powerful tropical fruit for the wonders you did not know it could do. So, prepare about one to two tablespoons of papaya puree to which you will add turmeric powder. The mixture prepared in this way should act for 15 minutes on your skin, then be washed off with lukewarm water. For effective and long-lasting results, it is necessary to repeat this routine up to twice a week.

The good thing about these 11 Solutions for Natural Hair Removal with Ordinary Kitchen Ingredients is that they become more and more popular nowadays.

When everything seems to be turning your back, and even your beautician does not have a vacant term for the regular waxing, always look to the bright side and head towards your kitchen. So, what will you choose for the next time, banana oatmeal, lentil and potato paste, or maybe papaya paste to remove the unwanted hair permanently?


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