Jin Shin Jyutsu-Powerful Hand Exercise To Balance Your Emotions And Energy

March 2, 2022 • By Mary Smith
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Stress is something we experience every day. Whether it is a financial, health, or relationship problem you might be facing, some mistakes or personal failures that worry you and keep you up at night, the countless responsibilities you have to fulfill every day, or the hectic schedule at work, these things affect your mental and physical health.

When you feel stressed, tense, or anxious for a longer period of time, this causes you to become less productive, both personally and professionally, and more prone to making wrong choices and unwise decisions. It simply prevents your body and mind from functioning properly.

And for your mind and body to function the way they should, you need to create a balance between them. You need to create a balance between your emotions and energy so as to be more productive and live a happier and more fulfilling life.

You can do this by practicing a simple hand exercise which belongs to the ancient Japanese practice that is called Jin Shin Jyutsu. (1)

What Is Jin Shin Jyutsu?

This ancient health practice is used to balance energy and emotions in the body, which improves one’s well-being on a mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual level. The hand exercise is actually a technique that incorporates holding each of your fingers and breathing deeply. The good thing is that this technique can be used by grown-ups as well as children and you can use it on your own or with another person.

The hand exercise is founded on the belief, which originates from the traditions of Eastern medicine, that our bodies have energy which moves from our internal body organs to our toes and the fingers on our hands. When an emotion doesn’t flow through your body, this causes your energy to get blocked. Another good thing about this exercise is that you can do it anywhere you want for 5 to 15 minutes depending on how long it’ll take you to feel its positive effects.

This technique combined with deep, slow breathing can greatly help you when you’re struggling with stress or feelings of anxiety and depression.

How Does Jin Shin Jyutsu Work?

Practitioners of Jin Shin Jyutsu believe that there’s a close connection between every finger and different parts of your body as well as emotions. Gently touching the meridians of your hands can help relieve tension, i.e. balance your emotions and unblock your stagnant energy.

To practice Jin Shin Jyutsu effectively, you first need to know what emotion or organ each finger is connected with. We’ve presented that in what follows:

1. Thumb

The thumb is associated with stress, grief, anxiety, emotional pain, tension, depression, skin conditions, stomach aches, and headaches.

2. Index Finger

The index finger is associated with panic, frustration, fear, confusion, digestive conditions, back aches, muscle pain, addiction issues, and teeth problems.

3. Middle Finger

The middle finger is connected with resentment, rage, irritability, anger, fatigue, menstrual problems, blood circulation problems, headaches, and eye issues.

4. Ring Finger

The ring finger is related to anxiety, negativity, preoccupation, and respiratory, digestive, and skin problems.

5. Little Finger

The little finger is associated with self-doubt, insecurity, bloating, blood pressure, heart diseases, and sore throat.

How To Do The Hand Exercise

  • Gently press the finger that’s associated with the emotion you want to balance or the organ that you want to help heal with the opposite hand by placing all five fingers around it. Hold the finger until you feel mild pressure. After 2 to 5 minutes, you’re likely to feel some relief. You can hold as many fingers as you want, one at a time.
  • Hold the finger that you’re working on for 3 to 5 minutes and breathe slowly and deeply.
  • As you breathe, try to focus all your attention on the breathing. This will help you feel relaxed and calm. But, if some unwanted, negative thoughts and images begin to pop into your mind while you’re breathing slowly, stop breathing this way and do another activity that makes you feel calm instead. Children may show that they’re feeling more upset or anxious while breathing deeply if they begin talking about a different subject, get up, start fidgeting, or appear as if they’re not interested in the exercise. Adults may act in the same way as well.
  • Since your feelings and energy flow from your organs to your fingers, you are likely to experience a pulsing sensation in the finger you’re holding. And if you don’t feel it, don’t worry, just continue doing the exercise.
  • In addition, if you want to create a balance in your whole body, i.e. balance all your emotions and energy, then you have to follow the first three steps regarding all 10 fingers.

When Can You Practice Jin Shin Jyutsu?

You can practice the hand exercise when you find yourself in a difficult situation or when you know you’ll soon find yourself in one. Practicing Jin Shin Jyutsu will help you feel calm, less stressed, and less tense. Of course, this technique won’t change the main cause of your problem or make it go away entirely, but it will certainly alleviate feelings of anxiety and tension and lower your stress levels. If you are a parent, you can teach your child how to use this technique by herself/himself if, let’s say, they’ll soon face a new situation, such as speaking in public, going to the doctor, or taking a test at school. (2)

Additionally, you can do the hand exercise before you go to bed as this can help you relax both your body and mind and fall asleep more easily.

Health Benefits Of The Jin Shin Jyutsu Practice

  • It balances your emotions and energy.
  • It helps lower your stress levels.
  • It helps relieve feelings of tension and anxiety.
  • It enables you to feel relaxed and calm during stressful situations.
  • It helps you relieve pain.
  • It helps combat fatigue.
  • It improves your concentration.
  • It helps you fall asleep more easily if you do it prior going to bed.

Share The Jin Shin Jyutsu Practice With Someone Else

If you see that this practice is working well for you, you can share it with a friend or family member who you know has been under stress lately and help them reduce it. For example, you can tell them: “I’ve found it helpful to hold and gently press my little finger and breathe slowly when I’m feeling insecure and doubting myself. You should give it a try.” Moreover, to teach them what emotion or organ each of the fingers is associated with, you can write the names of the emotions and organs on each finger or put stickers on them.

We hope that this simple yet powerful practice will help you balance your emotions and energy when you’re feeling anxious, tense, or stressed. But, we’d also like to mention that not everyone can reap the benefits of this practice. Moreover, you may find it effective once or several times and then discover that it doesn’t work anymore.


  • Stress upsets the balance between our emotions and energy.
  • The simple hand exercise, known as Jin Shin Jyutsu practice, can help us restore that balance.
  • Every finger is related to a particular emotion and internal organ.
  • Holding the finger that’s connected with the emotion you want to manage or the organ that’s causing you pain and breathing deeply for 5 to 15 minutes creates a balance between your energy and emotions.
  • You can practice Jin Shin Jyutsu when you’re faced with stress or feeling tense and anxious.
  • This practice has several health benefits.
  • To help another person handle their stress effectively, share the Jin Shin Jyutsu practice with them.


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