What is Space Candy? Review and Health Benefits

February 23, 2024 • By Jacob Miller
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Hemp products have grown in popularity over the past few years. This has led to some states removing hemp from their list of banned substances. There are many strains on the market, which can make keeping up difficult.

However, today's focus is on the Space Candy strain. It is a strain that has been making waves in the hemp world. Space Candy is a popular strain among hemp lovers. Most people love it because of its diverse flavor profile and therapeutic benefits. 

Herein, we look at Space Candy, including some of its health benefits.

Origin and Flavor Profile

Space Candy, available at Cannaflower, is a hybrid strain. This means that it has indica-dominant and sativa-dominant parents. The result is a strain packing potency and offering the best of both worlds. According to our research, this strain was bred after crossing the Cotton Candy and Cherry Space Queen strains.

Like the name suggests, this strain packs a unique flavor profile. The flavors are what you would get if you blended fruits and sweets. Once the smoke hits the roof of your mouth, you will notice a mixture of berries and citrus with notes of sugary sweetness.

Effects and Health Benefits

Space Candy prides itself on delivering therapeutic effects from both worlds. Being a hybrid strain, you will feel happy, and then a sense of calmness kick in. Most users feel relaxed and calm, making it the perfect strain for parties. 

Its relaxation properties make it a suitable remedy for people suffering from stress, anxiety, or panic attacks. This allows your mind and body to travel to a place of tranquility, especially if you experience fatigue and brain fog after work.

Besides its therapeutic appeal, the Space Candy strain also has several health benefits. Its diverse cannabinoid profile has pain-relieving properties. This can help manage chronic pain in arthritis patients or those suffering from severe migraines.

Studies and anecdotal evidence also show that smoking Space Candy pre-rolls a few hours before bed can help improve your sleep quality. Insomnia is an issue that most people struggle with. People struggling with severe insomnia can gain weight, lack focus, and suffer from moodiness. 

Due to the anxiolytic properties in the Space Candy strain, your brain will feel at peace, allowing you to fall into deep sleep fast. 

Buying Space Candy Strain Flowers

There are many online and physical weed shops selling hemp products. High-grade hemp flowers will provide the best therapeutic and health benefits. Sourcing for quality hemp can be challenging, especially if you are a first-time buyer.

Always buy from a reputable brand. This way, you can rest assured that you are getting quality and organic pre-rolls or buds. Read reviews from other buyers to learn about their experiences and the product quality.

Don’t forget to use the sniff test when shopping from a physical weed shop. Fresh and well-cured hemp buds possess a strong aroma. Ensure that the flowers are medium to large in size. Big buds are a sign of maturity and pack the most potency. 


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